Propane Training

Propane Training

December 8, 2014 – Eastern Berks Fire hosts training for propane emergencies at station 2′s social hall. A trainer of propane workers for the insurance industry, instructor Dan uses photos, videos, valves, tanks, news stories and live demonstrations to inform and educate firefighters from three counties about responding to propane emergencies.


Put a Freeze on Winter Fires

Winter Fires

Every year Eastern Berks responds to numerous fires related to chimneys, ashes, material too close to heating sources or electric overloads.

Please have a fire safe Christmas!


Vehicle into House – District Township

Tuesday November 4 – 505, 39, and 97 dispatched at 0320 for a vehicle into a house in District Twp. Crews arrived to find a pickup truck with major damage that went through barriers and a fence and came to rest on the front porch of a home on Huffs Church Road. Crews checked for hazards and structural stability, and went available as the vehicle was being removed.


MVA with Injury – November 3rd



November 3, 2014 at 0132 hours 97 and 505 (along with an Engine from 95) were dispatched for an MVA with injuries at Main and 7th Sts in Bally Borough. Dispatch notes indicated car vs pole at that location. Fire personnel control hazards, which included fluids about the enter a storm drain, while EMS packaged and transported driver. Fire Police from 97 and 95 controlled traffic until Berks Mont Towing could remove vehicle. In service for one hour.


New Berks County Radio System


Reminder to all firefighters…

   On Wednesday November 5th , all fire departments in Berks County will be switching to the new 700mhz radio system

   Fire pages will stay on 151.220 , but fireground communications will move to 700mhz

  Listed below are three pdf files which may help you as you use the new equipment.


700 Mhz Quick Key Assignments



H.O.T. Fire Training Weekend

Fire Training Weekend October 18-19, 2014

Fire Training Weekend October 18-19, 2014

Once again firefighters from Eastern Berks Fire Department, Boyertown Area Fire and Rescue, and other local emergency services attended the annual Berks County HOT Fire Training Weekend. This intense series of courses is taught by career firefighters with many years of experience in the field and teaching others. Saturday involves classroom training, while all day Sunday is hands on. Listed below are the course offering for the 2014 weekend.

Berks County Fire Weekend 2014
October. 18th &19th


Saturday 10/18/2014 0900- 1500 - Registration: 0800-0900
At the Crown Plaza Hotel- Wyomissing, PA

09:00 AM to 15:00 LECTURE Series:

0900-1200“Surviving the Fireground: It’s More Than a Few Buzzwords”
Captain Aaron Heller, Hamilton Twp. Fire Dist. #9
1300-1600 “The Routine Call- Is There Such a Thing?”
Captain Michael Clark- Hanover, NH FD
New Hampshire State Fire Academy


October 19th 2014 08:00 – 16:00 Berks County Fire Academy

Basement Fires- McCormack, Gilespie, Golden
*Personnel will stretch and operate on a basement fire in the residential section of the burn building.

Oriented Search off the Handline – Hankins & Kraemer
*Personnel will practice completing oriented searches off the initial handline.
Attacking the Garage Fire- Maloney & Faas

*This evolution require the engine company to work in conjunction with the truck company to force entry and attack a garage fire.

Entanglement Survival -Antozzeski
*Personnel will practice declaring the Mayday & maneuvering through an entanglement scenario without the aid of cutters or knives

Street Smart Ladders – Ciampo
*Personnel will be shown unique ways to carry, foot, raise, and work from portable ladders.

Forcible Entry – Evans & Mascaro
*Personnel will perform cutting operations on roll down gates, locks, and various other commercial building forcible entry obstacles both at ground level and from portable ladders.

Peaked Roof Operations – S. Kraemer & K. D.
*Personnel will be shown the safest and most efficient techniques to perform peaked roof operations including cutting ops under live fire conditions.

Entanglement Survival – Decker
*Personnel will practice declaring the Mayday & maneuvering through an entanglement scenario without the aid of cutters or knives


Personal Harness Usage Clark & Johnson
*Personnel will be shown and practice the newest techniques to utilize their Personal harness to its fullest. If not equipped with a harness they will be shown how to make one and utilize it.

Firefighter Disorientation Obstacle Course Hopson & J. Gallagher
*Personnel will become disoriented in a scenario that forces them to use their skills to re-orient themselves and escape from a potentially fatal situation.

Wall Breach & Personal Escape with the aid of Thermal Imager Usage D. Gallagher
*Personnel will practice wall breaching and reduced profile maneuvers in a self-survival evolution.

Ladder Rescues / Upper Floor Removal Simpson & Bloomer
*Personnel will be shown and will then practice the proper way to remove a firefighter from an upper floor utilizing portable ladders and a mechanical advantage system.
Ladders -
SCBA Tools
& Rope



Fire Prevention Visit to Schools

Each October, members of the Eastern Berks Fire Department take time from their busy schedules to visit local schools and teach children about Fire Prevention, fire apparatus and being a fire fighter. Members visit Washington Elementary School, Saint Francis Academy, and Bally Preschool.

They teach by video presentation, hands on learning, demonstrations and engaging the students. Many of the presenters are parents themselves, who have or have had children in these schools. Other members have grown up in the area and actually attended the schools themselves.

We distribute thousands of dollars of materials based on grade and are proud to be part of the learning experience for local students.


MVA with Injuries


MVA with Injuries  At 0345 hours on Thursday September 25, apparatus from 97, 58, 39 and 505 were dispatched for the report of an MVA with injuries on Dale Road near Dairy Lane. (Originally thought to be in Hereford Twp, but found to be in Washington Twp.)  Chief 97 arrived to confirm report by passer-by who discovered accident, that there two two victims, one on the ground, the other still in the vehicle. Arriving fire crews provided lighting and patient care assistance to EMS. A medic unit from 575 was dispatched to handle the second patient. Crews were on scene for over an hour until patients were transported and PSP investigated. Scene was turned over to fire police until arrival of tow company.


Martin Stone Quarry Tour

Monday September 15 – Emergency Responders from Eastern Berks Fire, Boyertown Area Fire and Rescue, and Gilbertsville Fire and Rescue, as well as EMS personnel from Boyertown, Bally and Gilbertsville, are given a guided tour of the Martin Stone Quarry operation in Colebrookdale Township. Organized by MSQ employee Bruce Hoffman, who has a long history of EMS and Fire service in Bally, the tour acquaints responders with the layout, potential hazards and safety features of the open mine operation. Before the tour begins, Safety Director Anne Kelhart, gives an overview of what will be seen, and the procedures that will be followed should there be an incident at the quarry. Rod Martin has treated the crews to pretzels, water and a MSQ camo hat.  The large group of responders is divided into two group which are led by Hoffman and by manager Pic Reichart. Electrical stations, underground conveyor belts, screening operations, immense off-road quarry vehicle are all part of the highlights.  Thanks go to the Martin Stone Quarry for this great tour.


Josh’s Angels


Asst Chief Matt Bakes with Cyndi & Matt Gehman

Josh’s Angels Community Carnival held Saturday September 13 in Boyertown Park. Josh’s Angels is a Non-Profit to raise funds to further the awareness of all types of Childhood Cancers; to provide donations of funds to Cancer Research Organizations that specialize in Childhood Cancer research, and also to provide donations of funds to Organizations who provide support to families dealing with children diagnosed with Childhood Cancers. All activities are conducted in Memory of Joshua Gehman, son of Cynthia and Matthew Gehman, who passed away on January 11th, 2011 from medical complications resulting from Glioblastoma Multiforme, an aggressive malignant brain tumor. Matt is an active firefighter and Josh spent much time in and around the fire house in Barto during his life. Additional information is available at the Josh’s Angels website or the Foundation Facebook page.